Thank You to the Electric Companies!

The storm that blew through on Friday night was intense. I watched the trees behind my apartment bend past 45 degrees, and watched a couple eventually snap in the wind. I love extreme weather, but this was scary.

I must live in a power grid sweet spot because despite the intense wind damage, we lost power for only a second at the apartment. Not even long enough for the oven clock to reset. The much less intense storm last night left us without power for only about an hour.

On Sunday, we got the keys to our new rental nearby, which is served by a different power company. I’m glad I wasn’t there Friday night when a tree came down and damaged the gutters. I’m also glad that the power was on every time I have been there.

So, REC and Dominion Power: keep up the good work! I hope you are able
to overcome the obstacles in front of you to quickly restore power to the many areas still going without!