I’m Still Here!

I’ve been feeling incredibly overwhelmed this year by classroom management problems and by all the changes I’ve made to my teaching methods. Most changes (at least in my advanced classes) have been working well for my students, but as with any change, there are kinks to work out. I’ve had my advanced students following a project-based model, which to me has felt incredibly chaotic and left me a little unsure of where their understanding is. But in circulating I’ve heard lots of higher level thinking and I’ve gotten plenty of good questions from students. Our first project is wrapping up now, and preliminary feedback from students is positive.

My general level students are following a flipped classroom type model. This was decided mainly because their side-talking and inattention made it too frustrating for me, and behavior interventions have not worked thus far. I’ve tried moving seats, contacting parents, detentions, hallway “time-outs.” I just didn’t know what else to try, and I was tired of watching my attentive students miss out on learning opportunities. So now they watch a short video or two and answer some in depth questions at home, and work on a short project or activity in the class room.

Plus I am doing a continuing education class (non-credit), and my grad class (credit) just started. AND there have been big (positive) changes on the personal side of things.

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